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BJ-8600 mmWave Compact Antenna Test Range

● For 5G black box measurement for various size DUTs;

● For lab test application.

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● BJ-8600 CATR is designed for mmWave far field RF OTA measurements;

● High precision parabolic reflector and high accuracy 2-axis positioner provide large quiet zone size of 300 mm for a black box measurement for various size DUTs;

● Working frequency range is from 0.7GHz to 50GHz;;     

● Thermal test option available;

● Standard API for software development/test automation;

● Fast measurement capability via TTL hardware signal trigger.


Mechanical Specification 
Outer Dimension 1125(W)*2200 (L)*1200(H)mm
Inner Dimension 880(W)*1680(L)*925(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension 756(W)*798(H)mm
Net Weight approx.580kg
Gross Weight approx.700kg
DUT Size Max: 390(L)*370(W)mm
DUT Weight Max: 7kg


RF Specification 
RF Isolation 0.7 ~60GHz >70dB
Absorber Reflectivity < -40 dB from 24 GHz to 50 GHz


Reflector and Feed Antenna Specification 
Reflector Offset parabola, blended rolled edges
Reflector Size 600 x 600 mm
Frequency Range 0.7 ~ 50GHz
Quite Zone Quality  Dimensionφ300 x 300 mm
Amplitude taper ≤1dB
Amplitude ripple ≤±0.5dB
Phase variation ≤ ±5°
Cross-Pol isolation ≤-30dB
Feed Antenna Dual polarized
Feed Connector  2x 2.4 mm
Material Al alloy
Feed Gain 9dBi (Typical)
Feed Antenna Cross Polarization Isolation ≤-43dB


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