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BJ-8841 Anechoic Chamber For Phone Test

● For consumer electronic devices 5G mmWave far field OTA test;

● Suitable for DUT size < 6";

● For mass production application.

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● Operation frequency from 800MHz to 50GHz;

● 800MHz to 50GHz RF Isolation > 70dB;

● RF absorber reflectivity in chamber < -30dB;      

● Single horn test antenna on topside;

● DUT could be moved and rotated to targeted position through holder for different test setup;

● Typical test far field distance adjustable from 50-150mm;

● DUT holder could rotate within phi plane of angle from -180°- 90°to adjust the relative position of DUT and test antenna; 

● Several available I/O ports on interface board for flexible system application;

● Pneumatic operation door for both automation & manual production line setup;

● Input AC power: 100-240V AC 50Hz.


Mechanical Specification 
Outer Dimension 404.0(W)*604.56(L)*576.47(H)mm
Inner Dimension  360.0(W)*300.0(L)*325.0(H)mm
Operation Door Dimension 200(W)*125(H)mm
Net Weight approx.50kg
Max DUT Size 100(W)*165(L)*20(H)mm
DUT Weight <0.6kg



● The different bulkhead RF adapters could be configured for various test plans.


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