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BJ-8019 mmWave Anechoic Chamber

● For consumer electronic devices 5G mmWave far field OTA test;

● Suitable for DUT size < 12";

● For lab test application.

● Certified by Qualcomm Smart Transmit

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● Operation frequency from 700MHz to 60GHz;

● 700MHz to 60GHz Isolation > 70dB;

● BJ-8019 anechoic chamber is designed for 5G OTA test for FR1, FR2 and frequency up to 60 GHz;

● 2-Axis Positioner Elevation and Azimuth 360 degrees of rotation for antenna measurements;

● Fast sweep option with hardware signal trigger greatly improve measurement efficiency;

● Positioner can be controlled via USB, RS232 or Ethernet. Positioner using SCPI or Hex command set;

● Max. far field distance up to 570mm;

● Chamber ambient temperature from -40℃ to 100℃ adjustable with optional thermal box;

● Input AC power: 100-240V AC 50Hz

Mechanical Specification 

Outer Dimension


Inner Dimension


Operation Door Dimension


Net Weight

approx. 235kg

DUT Size


DUT Weight




● Thermal box is an option to provide extreme temperature environment for ECT ;

● The bulkhead panel can be customized with optional connectors, such as 2.92mm, 2.4mm and waveguide port;

● Support multiple antenna array for different test applications.

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