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What is a RF shielded box?

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What is a RF shielded box?

A shielded box is an enclosure designed to provide a RF isolated test environment for microwave and RF devices testing. It prevents external radio waves, electromagnetic or electrostatic fields from interfering with the electronics being tested. Besides, a shielded box prevents all the interferences released by the electronics from getting outside to other devices.


What is RF Shielding?

RF shielding refers to the electromagnetic shielding used to block electromagnetic radiation (radio frequency). Electromagnetic shielding is the practice in electrical engineering used for reducing the electromagnetic field in a space. A barrier made of magnetic or conductive materials is used to block the fields. The purpose of shielding is to isolate the devices from  their noisy environments and the cables that run through the enclosure.   Shielding can reduce electrostatic fields, radio waves, and electromagnetic fields.


Why you need EMI Shielding?

EMI is an abbreviation for electromagnetic interference. EMI shielding uses materials and manufacturing techniques to protect signals from being interfered with by the surrounding. Besides, it also prevents the signals that you generate from interfering with the surrounding devices. 

If you have the equipment, systems, or devices for critical applications, you should be cautious of electromagnetic interference. It can disrupt these systems hence causing havoc in your place of work. For example, industrial systems, mass transit systems like vehicular and navigation control systems, medical, aerospace, and military electronics. These are just a few examples most electronic devices will be affected negatively by these interferences

Numerous natural or human-made sources can cause electromagnetic interference. This can result in system failures, data losses, and temporary disturbances. If it happens in a medical facility, then it might cause loss of life. As an engineer, you need to understand how electromagnetic energy can cause interference in an environment. EMI shielding is the most effective way of preventing such failures from occurring.


Typical Application - Shielded Box

The main applications for a shielded box are RF and EMI testing. RF testing technology is very important, especially for wireless communication devices such as mobile phones. A typical RF station consists of a shielded box, test software, and test instrument.

A shielded box also plays an important role when it comes to EMI testing. Electromagnetic interference is a problem when it comes to testing wireless communication modules and equipment. Examples of these are wireless routers, mobile phones, wireless network cards, wireless headphones, walkie-talkies, data cards, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth headphones, and s many more electronics.

A shielded box can be applied in many fields, for example, RF function test, EMI test, Wireless communication test, receiver sensitivity test, DAB/DMB, EMS test, small UHF equipment, Bluetooth, chip test, and complete machine test.


Bojay Shielded Box

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